Bayt al-Andalus

A most unusual place.
Bed and Breakfast. Room to Meet.
Orientalist folly.
Garden experience.
Antwerpen, Belgium.


The House

A unique heritage orientalist folly in Antwerpen, Belgium. Designed and built in 1909 with decorative elements taken from the Alhambra and the Generalife gardens in Granada - and from palaces and riads in Marrakech and Fes. Situated in a quiet residential neighbourhood, just a 10 mins. tramride away from the centre of Antwerpen, its museums, galleries and shopping extravaganzas.

The Garden

The walled garden, with a large fish pond and  an aviary with finches, doves and bantam chickens, was originally designed to represent paradise. The veranda, with 16 pointed arches,  is decorated with Arabic calligraphy proclaiming - in Almohad style - the invincibility of God. Today, the garden contains a unique collection of 100+ species of ferns, dotted with wild tulips and wild geraniums.


Bed and Breakfast

Nobody ever forgets their time at Bayt al-Andalus, where the craftsmanship of hospitality is being practised throughout your stay, creating a truly unique customer experience. When you book a room with us, you actually get two:  "Cordoba", where you can relax, read or enjoy media - and "Marrakech", where you can bathe and spend the night in the Sultan's bed.

Room to Meet

When looking for an inspiring place to connect and meet with your team or your clients, do not look any further. We have a room, a garden and meeting facilities on offer - with or without catering. Or rent our "Cordoba" room, fully equipped with 4G and Barco ClickShare, for meetings, presentations or training sessions (maximum capacity 10 pax).


Bayt al-Andalus


bayt al-andalus

Experience superb hospitality in Bayt al-Andalus, the Alhambra and Generalife of Antwerpen (Belgium), an original turn-of-the-century orientalist folly. Book through booking.com.

Bathe in Sultan's bath. Sleep in the Sultan's Bed.
Enjoy the oriental garden, an image of paradise.
Savour a delicious breakfast, accompanied by birdsong .

location rental
bayt al-andalus

Make the best of the unique architectural and decorative features of Bayt al-Andalus. Location rental  for film, video, fashion shoot, photography. Book through Booking Request.

Alhambra-like en-suite rooms.
A unique walled garden surrounded by a verandah with 16 arches and adorned with arabic calligraphy.
Lush greenery in the walled garden en the winter garden.

guided visit
bayt al-andalus

Gather a small group of no more than 20 pax and experience history, people, handicrafts, art, gardens, birds - or better: experience life and works at Bayt al-Andalus. With Francis Laleman as your guide, enjoy the stories of the house (30 mins.), savour a fine choice of oriental delicacies, and spend some time at leisure in the garden. Book through Booking Request.

Live the story of the architects and the original owners.
Live the life story of Francis and Michaela.
Hear about the carftsmanship of house renovation and organic  gardening.

bayt al-andalus

Enjoy state-of-the-art hospitality for up to 10 delegates/participants in our Cordoba meeting room, presentation room, training room. Rent the room for a half day or a full day, with or without catering. Book through Booking Request.


Enjoy 4G wifi and Barco Clickshare facilities
Flipcharts, Neuland markers, everything you need
Savour delicious breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch in the Alhambra parlours or in our unique neo-Moorish walled garden.