Discover destinations of choice
with Francis Laleman.

Create learning stories on the road.

Travel in the footsteps
of the historical Buddha,
a famous Mughal poet,
a Rajasthani princess
gifted in music and verse,
a Japanese potter
celebrating imperfection,
an Arab historiographer
in constant wonder, 


Exploring Rajasthan

This is not a tale of one-day visits to the cities of the Golden Triangle. This is not a journey spent in a bus, hopping from fort to palace to fort.

This is Rajasthan as you have never seen it before. This is a story of interculturality, craftsmanship, poets and hermits.

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In the footsteps of the Buddha

Travel and live the story of nascent buddhism in the Nepalese Teria, parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Live what the Buddha said, where he said it and why.

Discover sutras talking of happiness & suffering, blessings, compassion & kindness, meet villagers and monks and nuns.

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Serendipitous Lanka

Down across Rama Setu (Adam's Bridge), like a teardrop on the face of Mother India, beyond the salty waters, in a relentless tropical sun, waits Lanka.

Where stories of nature and buddhism and hinduism and islam meet up, beyond the spice gardens and the rainforest, find peace and tranquility. 

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Looking for kindness

Live the story of Varanasi, listen to the Buddha's first turning of the Dharma Wheel at Sarnath, explore the banks of River Ganga, and look for kindness.

Learn about the kindness of Mother Earth. Experience the ecosystem of life. Meet villagers, plant trees, help save our planet. 

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This project is currently under construction.
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