beyond borders

where cultures meet


Having travelled extensively for many years - and having lived and worked in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the Gulf and the Middle East, we somewhat settled into a pattern of intercultural harmony in 2004, when we started renovating Bayt al-Andalus, a heritage orientalist house in Antwerpen (Belgium).

With care and diligence, but mostly with kindness and the tender strokes of a paint brush, we set about re-creating the house in its former brilliance: a neo-Moorish Andalusian mansion in the heart of old Berchem.

Today, Bayt al-Andalus is where we invest our passion for hospitality, for nature, for organic gardening, for music, for things of interest, value and beauty. Here is where we host and meet clients and friends. Here is what has become a Bed & Breakfast destination of choice in Antwerpen.

But staying put is not in our nature. We need to be travelling. Our work as Agile coaches and educators keeps nudging us towards new pathways, new destinations, new areas to explore. Kahani, our story, could never be just a house. Kahani is a journey.

We look forward to your company.

Francis and Michaela Laleman-Broeckx