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learning retreats
in the heart of nature

Kerala, India.

with Francis Laleman
and Michaela Broeckx


Learning retreats

In the forthcoming seasons, expect a variety of learning retreats with us at Wayanad: Agile Awareness, Lean Thinking, Book Clubs, and more.

Live naturally

While at Wayanad, delve into nature, live organically, be mindfully aware of the cycle of life and beauty offered to us by our environment.


Digital detox

Optionally, do as we do and use your Wayanad  retreat as a digital detox and rediscover the art of introspection, assembly, community, togetherness and heart-to-heart communication. 


In the coming seasons, expect a series of masterclasses in cooperative learning facilitation (train-the-trainer), for the beginner and for the advanced.


This project is currently being developed.
Come back soon for more details. 
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